Daily Productive Sharing 783 - How Josh Kaufman Does Research

Daily Productive Sharing 783 - How Josh Kaufman Does Research
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One helpful tip per day:)

Josh Kaufman shared some of his unique and efficient habits:

  1. He treats his to-do list not as a list of pending tasks but as a list of completed tasks.
  2. He believes that true productivity lies in understanding what tasks are genuinely important.
  3. When he gets a new book, he takes some time to skim through the table of contents and index to understand what the author intends to convey.
  4. He maintains a long list where he records any ideas that come to mind. When scheduling tasks for the day, he selects three or four items from this list to accomplish.

These habits help him stay organized, focused, and productive in his daily life.

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Josh Kaufman 介绍了自己高效的习惯,其中一些与众不同:

  1. 不要把计划列表当作是一个待办事项列表,而是当做一个完成事项列表;
  2. 生产力的真正要义是搞明白什么是真正重要的任务;
  3. 拿到一本书,他会先花一点时间通读目录和索引,搞清楚作者想讲什么;
  4. 他有一个很长的列表,一有想法就记录上去,安排任务的时候就从里面找出三四项,安排到一天里完成。

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