Daily Productive Sharing 784 - Say No in Work

Daily Productive Sharing 784 - Say No in Work
Photo by Xavi Cabrera / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

In our work, we often face how to say 'no', and Alison Green gave five pieces of advice on how to say 'no':

  1. Get clear in your own head about what’s most important for you to achieve, and how much time it will take you to achieve it.
  2. Have a “someday/maybe” list.
  3. Be clear about trade-offs.
  4. Pay attention to how people you admire say no.
  5. Keep your boss in the loop when you’re saying no or thinking about saying no.

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在工作中经常碰到要说“不”的情况,Alison Green 给出了五条说“不”的建议:

  1. 清楚地知道对你来说最重要的是什么,以及要实现它需要多少时间。
  2. 制定一个“将来可能/或许”列表。
  3. 明确权衡利弊。
  4. 注意那些你身边的人是如何说“不”的。
  5. 当你要拒绝或者正在考虑拒绝时,保持与你的老板沟通。

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