Daily Productive Sharing 789 - Curation

Daily Productive Sharing 789 - Curation
Photo by Bridger Bowcutt / Unsplash

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CJ Chilvers has outlined why content curation will be a trend for the future:

  1. With more and more content being generated by tools like GPT, we need more curated, high-quality content;
  2. Readers need answers, and obtaining information through established curation channels is more reliable than search engines;
  3. Content curation also reflects the taste of the curator, so maintaining the quality of curation is also a means of building a reputation.

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CJ Chilvers 梳理了为何内容筛选将会是未来的趋势:

  1. 随着 GPT 等工具生成的内容越来越多,我们需要更多经过筛选的高质量内容;
  2. 读者需要答案,通过固定筛选渠道获得信息比起搜索引擎来更有保障;
  3. 内容筛选本身也体现筛选者本身的品味,所以保持筛选质量也是建立名声的一种手段。

DPS 做了也快三年了,其实我们就是不断地在为大家筛选高质量的生产力文章,希望能够帮助大家更好地提高生产力。

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