Daily Productive Sharing 790 - How I Prepare My Newsletter

Daily Productive Sharing 790 - How I Prepare My Newsletter
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One helpful tip per day:)

Austin Kleon shared how he prepared a weekly newsletter:

  1. A scheduled time & a repeatable format
  2. A system of sharing, keeping track of, and revisiting stuff I come across throughout the week
  3. Sending out a newsletter I’d actually read, full of things I’m genuinely interested in.

Our process is roughly similar to that of Austin Kleon:

  1. We use Reader by Readwise to collect various high-quality articles;
  2. We read carefully in Reader by Readwise, and synchronize the notes into Obsidian;
  3. In Obsidian, we have pre-set templates; we simply open the template, synchronize the notes, and then write a good introduction;
  4. We copy the draft from Obsidian into Ghost, and then schedule it for sending at the appropriate time.

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Austin Kleon 分享了他如何准备每周的电子报:

  1. 固定下时间,并且准备好电子报模版;
  2. 一个系统用以分享、跟踪和重访他一周中遇到的东西;
  3. 发送他自己实际会阅读的内容,充满了他真正感兴趣的事物。

对比一下,我们的流程和 Austin Kleon 大致类似:

  1. 我们使用 Reader by Readwise 来搜集各种高质量的文章;
  2. 我们在 Reader by Readwise 里认真阅读,并把笔记同步到 Obsidian 内;
  3. 我们在 Obsidian 里有预先设置好的模版,只要打开模版,同步笔记,然后再写好导语;
  4. 将 Obsidian 的草稿复制到 Ghost 里,然后安排好时间发送即可。

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