Daily Productive Sharing 791 - Mindful Context Switching

Daily Productive Sharing 791 - Mindful Context Switching
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One helpful tip per day:)

Anne-Laure Le Cunff believes that knowledge workers face an irreconcilable efficiency problem: they need to ensure their tasks are completed efficiently while also responding to colleagues' needs. These two aspects often conflict, and in response, she suggests mindful context switching:

  1. Clearly define your response time;
  2. Break work down into manageable small tasks;
  3. Set aside dedicated deep work time on your calendar;
  4. Introduce others to your work habits;
  5. Continuously review and adjust your calendar.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff 认为知识工作者有一个难以调和的效率问题:既要保证自己的任务高效完成,又要响应同事的需求。两者经常有冲突,就此,她建议了有意识的任务切换 (mindful context switching):

  1. 定义清楚你自己的响应时效;
  2. 把工作切分成可控的小任务;
  3. 在日历上确定深度工作时间;
  4. 向他人介绍自己的工作习惯;
  5. 不断地检视日历并进行修正。

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