Daily Productive Sharing 792 - Lots of Inputs and a Strong Filter

Daily Productive Sharing 792 - Lots of Inputs and a Strong Filter
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One helpful tip per day:)

Morgan Housel shared his reading strategy, which can be summed up as "start many, finish few":

Start Many, Finish Few: He begins by reading many books simultaneously but only the introductory part. Then, he decides whether or not to continue reading to the end.

Value in Introductions: He believes that for a large portion of books, only the introduction is worth reading, and there is no need to continue further.

Not All Books Are Suitable: The remaining books are either not suitable for you or not suitable for anyone. It's important to recognize this early.

Don't Regret Abandoning a Book: So, abandoning a book without finishing it is not something to be regretted. The real waste is spending time on a book that doesn't provide value.

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Morgan Housel 分享了自己的阅读诀窍 - 宽进严读:

  1. 他会同时开始阅读很多书,但只读第一部分的介绍,然后选择要不要读完;
  2. 很大一部分书只有介绍部分值得阅读,后面就没必要读下去;
  3. 剩下的要不不适合你,要么不适合所有人;
  4. 所以一本书没读完就丢掉,并不可惜;最可惜的是因为一本烂书而浪费时间。

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