Daily Productive Sharing 793 - Write about what you learn

Daily Productive Sharing 793 - Write about what you learn
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One helpful tip per day:)

Addy Osmani introduced the method of using continuous writing to learn knowledge:

  1. By introducing new knowledge to others, we can help ourselves identify our own gaps in understanding;
  2. Introducing new knowledge to others also requires us to understand the subject matter thoroughly, further strengthening our grasp of it;
  3. And by introducing it through writing, we can further reflect on it during the process.

After reading Addy Osmani's articles, they are indeed very clear, which probably has a lot to do with his years of persistence.

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Addy Osmani 介绍了利用持续写作来学习知识的方法:

  1. 通过向别人介绍新知识,可以帮助我们找到自己的知识空白处;
  2. 向别人介绍新知识,也要求我们把知识点了解透彻,进一步强化我们对于知识点的理解;
  3. 而通过写作来介绍,可以让我们在过程中进一步反思。

读了读 Addy Osmani 的文章,确实非常清晰,这恐怕与他多年的坚持也有很大的关系。

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