Daily Productive Sharing 795 - My Everyday LLM Uses

Daily Productive Sharing 795 - My Everyday LLM Uses
Photo by Levart_Photographer / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Matt Rickard shared his ideas on how he uses Large Language Models (LLMs) daily:

  1. Create a shopping list
  2. Summarize reading notes
  3. Look up new words
  4. Break down complex tasks
  5. Proofread text
  6. Create blog posts (still experimenting)

I've also been using chatGPT-4 more and more frequently lately, and the overall experience has been good:

  1. Generate code
  2. Translate text
  3. Proofread text
  4. Create texts I don't want to write (such as authorization letters, warranty certificates, etc.)

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Matt Rickard 介绍了自己日常使用大语言模型 (LLM) 的点子:

  1. 创建购物清单
  2. 总结阅读摘要
  3. 查询生词
  4. 分解复杂任务
  5. 校读文本
  6. 创建 blog 文章(还在尝试中)

我最近也越来越频繁地使用 chatGPT 4,总体体验不错:

  1. 生成代码
  2. 翻译文本
  3. 校对文本
  4. 创建我不想写的文本 (比如授权信,质保单等等)

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