Daily Productive Sharing 797 - Peter Hessler’s World

Daily Productive Sharing 797 - Peter Hessler’s World
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Peter Hessler's writings and experiences in China have made him popular among Chinese and international readers. His experiences from his early days in China 1996 to 2021 show significant changes in the country.

  1. Not growing up with technology, he credits his lack of internet with improving his observation and writing skills, while maintaining minimal technology use to focus on writing.
  2. He admires the resilience and work ethic of the Chinese people, often focusing on lesser-covered subjects and individuals in his writing.
  3. Hessler emphasizes personal improvement in China over political issues and views writing as a solitary, patient process, contributing to historical understanding.
  4. His approach to writing emphasizes rhythm, clarity, and individual focus, avoiding typical political issues.

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何伟(Peter Hessler)关于中国的写作使他在中国和国际读者中深受欢迎。他1996年初到中国到2021年的经历展示了该国的重大变化。

  1. 他没有在科技环境中长大,他将自己的观察和写作能力的提高归因于缺乏互联网。他为了专注于写作尽可能少地依赖技术。
  2. 他钦佩中国人民的韧性和职业道德,经常在写作中关注较少涉及的主题和个人。
  3. 何伟强调中国的个人提高而不是政治问题,并将写作视为孤独、耐心的过程,有助于历史理解。
  4. 他的写作方法强调节奏、清晰度和个人重点,避免典型的政治问题。

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