Daily Productive Sharing 798 - Why You’re So Unhappy

Daily Productive Sharing 798 - Why You’re So Unhappy
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Mark Manson analyzed why we often feel unhappy and offered solutions:

  1. If we treat the pursuit of happiness as a goal, it might be counterproductive; it's better to consider it as a byproduct of pursuing meaning. In the process of pursuing, we can naturally experience happiness.
  2. Pain itself is an indispensable part of life; the key is how we deal with it.
  3. The past and future are beyond our control; only the present is within our grasp. Therefore, we should live in the present.
  4. Our happiness is in our own hands, so we must firmly hold this right and not surrender it to others.

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Mark Manson 分析了我们为什么总是感到不快乐,并且给出了对策:

  1. 如果我们把追求快乐当作一个目标,很有可能得不偿失;不如把它当作追求意义的副产品,在追求的过程中,我们自然而然就能体验到快乐;
  2. 痛苦本身就是人生必不可少的一部分,关键在于我们如何应对痛苦;
  3. 过去将来都是我们无法掌控的,唯有当下是我们可以掌控的,因此,我们不如活在当下;
  4. 我们的快乐掌握在自己手上,所以我们要把这个权利牢牢掌握在自己手中,不要让渡给别人。

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