Daily Productive Sharing 799 - Getting a Job Without LeetCode

Daily Productive Sharing 799 - Getting a Job Without LeetCode
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One helpful tip per day:)

Andrew Zheng shared how he landed an internship opportunity at Apple:

  1. He learned and wrote simultaneously, developing an iOS app - Find - using Swift;
  2. An Apple employee found him on Twitter and asked if he wanted to intern at Apple;
  3. He then participated in Apple's interview process, which surprisingly did not include any technical interviews;
  4. He ultimately interned at Apple for two months, and his entire experience was quite different from that of other tech companies.

From this experience, he advises:

  1. Interviewing candidates through LeetCode is just one method, and not all companies use this approach;
  2. Don't prepare for an interview just for the sake of preparing; rather, use that time to create interesting projects.

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Andrew Zheng 分享了自己如何拿到 Apple 的实习机会:

  1. 他边学边写,用 Swift 开发了一款 iOS app - Find;
  2. 一位 Apple 的员工在 Twitter 上找到他,问他想不想去 Apple 实习;
  3. 于是他参加了 Apple 的面试,整个过程没有任何技术面试;
  4. 他最终进入 Apple 实习了两个月,整个历程也和其他科技公司不太一样。


  1. 通过 LeetCode 来面试候选人只是其中一种方法,并非所有公司都用这种方法;
  2. 不要为了准备面试而准备面试,不如拿这些时间来创造一些有意思的项目。

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