Daily Productive Sharing 801 - How to Write Like Kareem

Daily Productive Sharing 801 - How to Write Like Kareem
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One helpful tip per day:)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar introduced how he created the best newsletter in the world:

  1. I will unexpectedly start in the evening because that is when many ideas start to percolate.
  2. First, it’s important to know that each newsletter takes four days to write, and because I write two a week, they overlap, and I’m usually working on two at a time.
  3. I collect all articles that interest, amuse, anger, or intrigue me into a folder for later evaluation. I do this seven days a week.
  4. I want to be sure I’m contributing to the discussion, not just echoing.
  5. When I get out of bed, I read all the publications I mentioned before and add anything worthwhile to my folder, which is labeled for the date I intend to post.
  6. The first step in writing is research. I try to read as much about a subject as I can before adding my commentary. I’m not looking for ideas, I’m looking for more context.
  7. The next step involves a rough draft of my main ideas which is then followed by lots of rewriting and polishing. I want to give clarity, examples, metaphors, and research—and I want it all in entertaining language.
  8. During the rest of the day, I keep thinking about each segment and will come up with a new phrase or sentence, or example. I’ll write a note and later go back in and rewrite once again.
  9. What about Kareem’s Video Break? I confess that this is actually the hardest and most time-consuming part of each newsletter. I’m very picky. I look for clips that are funny or heart-warming, or unusual.
  10. Reading comments may be my favorite part of the entire process because that’s when I feel most connected to our Substack community. That’s when I feel most heard.

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  1. 很多创意通常在晚上开始涌现,所以我会从晚上开始工作。
  2. 首先,每一篇电子报需要四天时间来写。由于我每周写两篇,所以它们会有所重叠,我通常会同时处理两篇。
  3. 我会把所有引起我的兴趣、娱乐、愤怒或好奇的文章都收集到一个文件夹里,以便后续评估。这个过程一周七天都在进行。
  4. 我希望能够为讨论做出贡献,而不仅仅是复述别人的观点。
  5. 起床后,我会阅读我之前提到的所有读物,并把有价值的内容添加到我的文件夹中,这个文件夹是按照我打算发布的日期来标记的。
  6. 写作的第一步是研究。我会尽量多地阅读有关一个主题的资料,然后再加入我的评论。我不是在寻找灵感,而是在寻找更多的背景信息。
  7. 下一步涉及到我主要观点的草稿,然后是大量的重写和打磨。我希望能提供清晰性、例子、隐喻和研究——而且我希望所有这些都用娱乐性的语言来表达。
  8. 在一天的其余时间里,我会不断地思考每个部分,并可能想出新的短语、句子或例子。我会做个笔记,然后再次回去重写。
  9. 关于贾巴尔的视频专栏呢?我必须承认,这实际上是每篇电子报中最困难和最耗时的部分。我非常挑剔,我在寻找那些有趣、令人心暖或不寻常的视频剪辑。
  10. 阅读评论可能是整个过程中我最喜欢的部分,因为那时我感觉与社区的关系最为紧密。

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