Daily Productive Sharing 803 - Intelligent vs. Smart

Daily Productive Sharing 803 - Intelligent vs. Smart
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This article by Morgan Housel might be the best one he has ever written, in which he differentiates between intelligence and smartness:

  1. In his view, intelligence (Intelligent) is a hard skill, such as having a good memory, logical thinking, and so on.
  2. Smartness (smart), on the other hand, is a soft skill, such as empathy, communication, and the like.
  3. The former can be easily taught, while the latter is hard to teach, so the latter often requires more self-exploration.
  4. Many times, our differing perceptions are shaped by our experiences, so instead of debating, it's better to retain these differences in opinion and attempt to collaborate.
  5. Being kind to others can also be a very selfish act, because you never know when you might rely on others.
  6. Many views are interrelated, so they can be guessed. For example, your stance on abortion could generally predict your attitude towards immigration.
  7. If someone agrees with every opinion of yours, proceed with caution; if someone disagrees with every opinion of yours, be even more cautious.
  8. All good investors can write excellent articles, such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Morgan himself.

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Morgan Housel 的这篇文章可能是他写过最好的文章了,他在其中区分了智慧和聪明的区别:

  1. 在他看来,智慧 (Intelligent) 是硬技能,比如记忆好,有逻辑等等;
  2. 而聪明 (smart) 是软技能,比如同情他人,沟通等等;
  3. 前者容易传授,而后者很难,所以后者更多需要靠我们自己摸索;
  4. 很多时候,我们的认知不同是由我们的经历造成的,所以与其辩论,不如保留这种不同观点而尝试合作;
  5. 与人友善其实也可以是一种很自私的做法,因为你不知道哪天自己会仰赖他人;
  6. 很多观点是相互关联的 ,所以这些都可以被猜到。比如从你对于堕胎的态度,大致就能推测你对移民的态度。
  7. 如果一个人同意你的任何观点,请保持谨慎;如果一个人不同意你的任何观点,请更加谨慎。
  8. 所有好的投资人都能写的一手好文章,比如巴菲特,比如芒格,比如 Morgan 自己。

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