Daily Productive Sharing 804 - Some Advice for a 22-Year-Old

Daily Productive Sharing 804 - Some Advice for a 22-Year-Old
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Even though Jack Raines is only 26 years old, he asked himself what advice he would give to his 22-year-old self. He offered recommendations in three areas: career-related, growth-related, and intimate relationship-related. The most important pieces of advice are as follows:

There are three career paths: one centered on the pursuit of wealth, one centered on the pursuit of interest, and one centered on following your favorite mentors. He chose the latter, with Morgan Mousel as his life role model.

When you're young, you actually have endless advantages: the cost of making mistakes is extremely low, and you can travel the world at a low cost. Don't miss these benefits; walk as much as you can, see as much as you can, and learn as much about the world as possible.

Youth is the time to take risks, as the foreseeable risks at this stage are much less costly than the actual risks you'll encounter later on.

Being young and single actually allows you a much lower cost of trial and error. Don't rush into a relationship, and certainly don't rush into marriage.

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尽管 Jack Raines 只有26岁,但是他问自己,如果给22岁的自己一些建议,他会给出哪些建议?他给了三方面的建议:职业相关的,成长相关的,以及和亲密关系相关的。最重要的有以下这些:

  1. 有三种职业路径:以追求财富为最核心诉求的,以追求有趣为最核心诉求的,以追随最喜欢的导师为诉求的。他选择了最后一条,以 Morgan Mousel 为人生榜样;
  2. 当你年轻的时候,你其实有无尽的优势:试错成本极低,可以以低廉的成本周游世界。千万不要错过这些优势,尽可能地多走走,多看看,多了解这个世界;
  3. 年轻时可以冒险,这个时候可预见的风险,要比以后遇到的实际风险的成本要小得多;
  4. 年轻又单身,其实可以让你有更低的试错成本。不要急于走进一段关系,更不要急于走进婚姻。

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