Daily Productive Sharing 805 - One-bag Travel Guide

Daily Productive Sharing 805 - One-bag Travel Guide
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Vitalik Buterin shares experiences and insights from living as a nomad for the last nine years, during which time they've taken 360 flights and traveled over 1.5 million kilometers:

Packing: he has refined their packing strategy, reducing it down to a 40-liter backpack containing various specific bags for different items. They have become a "USBC maximalist," ensuring that everything they buy is USBC-friendly.

Clothing: he has navigated a tradeoff between price, space, and appearance, settling on Uniqlo as a preferred brand. They recommend owning multiple copies of the same type of socks and limiting oneself to two pairs of shoes.

Planning and Routine: Planning ahead and having some consistent aspects of daily life helps the author feel grounded. They emphasize the importance of embedding oneself in a community and building friendships in different cities to gain a deeper understanding of local cultures.

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Vitalik Buterin 分享了过去九年作为数字游牧人生活的经历和见解,期间他们乘坐了360次航班,旅行了超过150万公里:

打包:他精炼了他们的打包策略,将其减少到一个40升背包,用于不同的物品。他已成为“ USB-C 极端主义者”,确保他们购买的每件物品都是 USB-C 兼容的。



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