Daily Productive Sharing 806 - Say No

Daily Productive Sharing 806 - Say No
Photo by Rê Oliveira / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Andrew Bosworth emphasized the importance of saying "no" in work:

  1. Only you care the most about your own priorities, and saying "no" is an important tool for protecting those priorities;
  2. Looking back at the past week, you can ask yourself one question: is the effort and time you spent on each task proportional to its importance?
  3. Protect your priorities, let others know that you are protecting them, and then stick with it.

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Andrew Bosworth 强调了在工作中说“不”的重要性:

  1. 只有你自己最关心自己的优先度,而说“不”是保护你的优先度的重要武器;
  2. 回顾过去的一周,你可以问自己一个问题,你在每个任务上花费的精力和时间与他们的重要性成正比吗?
  3. 保护你的优先度,让别人知道你在保护它,然后一直坚持下去。

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