Daily Productive Sharing 807 - 38 Reading Rules of Ryan Holiday

Daily Productive Sharing 807 - 38 Reading Rules of Ryan Holiday
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One helpful tip per day:)

Ryan Holiday summarized 38 reading habits, and some of them are inspiring:

  1. How to find books? Look in the footnotes of the books you've read; search in the endnotes of the books you've read.
  2. How to find books? Look for books written by authors you like. For example, I really like Annie Duke, who wrote How to Decide? and Thinking in Bets, so I looked for her book Quit to read, which turned out to be really great.
  3. If you can't get through a book, just give it up; if a book is good, you can read it again.
  4. If you want to understand current events, consider reading biographies, history books, etc., that are related to it. For instance, I recently read Lee Kuan Yew's autobiography, which gave me a deeper understanding of Singapore's history and made it easier to comprehend current-day Singapore.

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Ryan Holiday 总结了他的38个读书习惯,其中一些让我深受启发:

  1. 如何找书?在你读过的脚注里找,在你读过的尾注力找;
  2. 如何找书?找你喜欢的作者写的书。比如我很喜欢写 How to Decide?Thinking in Bets 的 Annie Duke,于是找来她的 Quit 读,这本书果然非常棒
  3. 如果一本书读不下去,就直接放弃,如果一本书不错,可以再读一遍;
  4. 如果你想了解当下发生的事件,不妨读读和它相关的传记,历史书等等。比如我最近读了李光耀的自传,对于新加坡的历史有了更进一步的了解,也更难理解当下的新加坡。

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