Daily Productive Sharing 808 - Compostable Knowledge

Daily Productive Sharing 808 - Compostable Knowledge
Photo by Alain Bonnardeaux / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Fernando Gros likens knowledge points to compostable fertilizer:

Compostable knowledge exist in our drafts, recorded notes, and so on. Whenever needed, we can restructure them into a complete article.

Finished articles also contain compostable knowledge;

Articles that can't be finished and notes that can't be taken further also have their own value. We can compile them together and save them for future use.

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Fernando Gros 将知识点类比为可降解的肥料:

  1. 可降解的知识点存在于我们写下的草稿,记录下的笔记等等,只要有需要,我们就可以把他们重构成一篇完整的文章;
  2. 已经写成的文章里也有可降解的知识点;
  3. 写不下去的文章,记不下去的笔记都自有价值,我们可以把它们汇总到一起,留待他日使用。

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