Daily Productive Sharing 810 - VC Isn't for You

Daily Productive Sharing 810 - VC Isn't for You
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Chris Neumann, as an experienced investor, has observed that most companies actually are not suitable for growing by attracting venture capital. He offers the following advice:

A common indicator is whether a company has the potential to become a billion-dollar company in valuation over the next seven to ten years, which also means annual revenues exceeding one hundred million dollars.

In fact, 99% of companies don't meet this criterion. However, this doesn't mean they are not good companies; it just means they are not suitable for venture capital investment.

Instead of blindly pursuing venture capital, companies should focus on how to generate revenue and profit.

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Chris Neumann 作为一位资深投资人,发现大多数公司其实不适合通过拉拢风险投资而增长,他建议道:

  1. 一个通常的指标就是,一个公司可以在未来七到十年内成为一家估值超过十亿美金的公司,也就是每年的年收入超过一亿美金;
  2. 事实上,99%的公司都达不到这一指标。但这并不意味着这些公司不是好公司,只是他们不适合风险投资;
  3. 与其一味地追求风险投资,不如把重心放在如何创造收入,如何创造利润上。

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