Daily Productive Sharing 814 - Energy Makes Time

Daily Productive Sharing 814 - Energy Makes Time
Photo by Micah Hallahan / Unsplash

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Mandy Brown has seen many people continuously focus on improving efficiency as a daily task, but she analyzes this issue from a different angle:

Often when we worry about not having time to do something, that worry itself is a waste of time.

Once we actually start doing the thing, we find that the worry disappears and time seems to become available.

It's not just about managing our energy better; more importantly, the act of doing these things itself gives us energy.

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Mandy Brown 见过很多人一直把提高效率当作日常任务,但她从另一个角度来剖析这一问题:

  1. 很多时候,当我们担心自己没时间做某件事,这本身就在浪费时间;
  2. 当我们着手做这件事之后,我们会发现,我们不再担心,而且时间一下子就挤了出来;
  3. 这不仅仅需要我们更好地管理自己的精力,更重要的是,做这些事本身会给予我们精力。

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