Daily Productive Sharing 815 - The Frustration Loop

Daily Productive Sharing 815 - The Frustration Loop
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Herman Martinus set up a free blog service called bearblog.dev, which attracted quite a bit of abuse. To tackle this abuse problem, he created a "frustrating loop" system:

When the system detects abuse, it executes specific logic.

Examples include making the cursor jump around erratically, and deliberately throwing errors after the abuser submits data to force them to refill, etc.

Over three months, the proportion of new blogs published by abusers dropped from 30% to 5%. There was only one false positive.

We actually encountered similar situations in the early days of DPS. When all our content was open to the public, it got lifted by freeloaders. So, we later moved to Ghost and implemented a paywall to protect our content. If you wish to continue reading high-quality articles, feel free to support us.

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已经有超过五千位朋友通过各种渠道订阅我们的内容,你还在犹豫什么呢?不如直接支持我们 :)

Herman Martinus 搭建了一个免费的 blog 服务 -- bearblog.dev,这招引了不少人滥用。为了对付滥用问题,他建立了一个焦躁死循环系统:

  1. 当这一系统探测到滥用者之后,就会执行特定的逻辑;
  2. 比如光标乱跳,在滥用者提交数据之后故意报错要求重填,等等;
  3. 三个月下来,新发布 blog 中滥用者发布的比例从30%降低到5%。而误报只有一例。

其实我们做 DPS 初期也遇到过类似的情况,在我们公开所有内容时,被伸手党搬运。所以后来我们搬迁到 Ghost 开启了付费保护内容。如果你想继续读到高质量的分享,不妨动手支持我们

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