Daily Productive Sharing 817 - Stop Negative Thinking

Daily Productive Sharing 817 - Stop Negative Thinking
Photo by David Becker / Unsplash

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Facing failure, Mark Manson offers advice on how to confront it:

We have to realize that failure is very common, and much of it is related to our own expectations. If we lower our expectations from the beginning, then this kind of failure may not exist at all.

We need to practice self-forgiveness. We should separate our goals from our actions.

We should not approach failure with a negative attitude. Ask yourself what can be learned from this failure experience? Can it help us grow?

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面对失败,Mark Manson 给出了如何面对他们的建议:

  1. 我们要认识到失败是非常常见的,而且很多失败和我们的自我期待有关,如果我们一开始就降低期待,可能就不存在这样的失败;
  2. 我们要练习自我原谅,我们需要将目的和行动分离;
  3. 我们不要用消极的态度来面对失败,问问自己从这一失败的经历里能学到什么?是否能帮助我们成长?

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