Daily Productive Sharing 818 - Interoceptive Journaling

Daily Productive Sharing 818 - Interoceptive Journaling
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Anne-Laure Le Cunff suggests that we use interoceptive journaling to record our bodily sensations:

  1. Through this approach, we can connect our physical sensations with our psychological feelings.
  2. The effects can be significant if you keep a consistent record, even if it's just one or two lines each day.

The format of the journal is not important. If you need inspiration, here are eight questions:

  1. How does my body feel right now, in this moment?
  2. Where in my body do I feel the most tension or discomfort?
  3. Do I feel any sensations of hunger or fullness?
  4. How is my breath?
  5. Can I detect my heartbeat without touching my chest or wrist?
  6. Does my body feel heavy or light?
  7. How did physical activity (or lack thereof) impact my bodily sensations today?
  8. Have I noticed any recurring bodily sensations throughout the day or week?

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff 建议我们通过内观笔记 (interoceptive journaling) 来记录自己的身体感受:

  1. 通过这种方式,我们可以把自己身体感受和心理感受连结起来;
  2. 坚持记录的话,效果会很显著,哪怕每天只记录一两行;

笔记的形式并不重要,如果你需要灵感的话, 以下是八个问题:

  1. 我此刻的身体感觉如何?
  2. 我身体的哪个部位感觉最紧张或不适?
  3. 我有没有感觉到饥饿或饱足?
  4. 我的呼吸怎么样?
  5. 我能否在不触摸胸部或手腕的情况下察觉到我的心跳?
  6. 我的身体感觉沉重还是轻盈?
  7. 今天的活动(或缺乏活动)对我身体的感觉有什么影响?
  8. 我有没有注意到一天或一周内有任何重复出现的身体感觉?

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