Daily Productive Sharing 819 - Minimum Viable System

Daily Productive Sharing 819 - Minimum Viable System
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Danny Guo analyzed the commonalities between software development and learning new knowledge, focusing on the concept of creating a Minimum Viable System:

When developing a new software system, one should aim to get the entire process working first, rather than perfecting a specific component.

The same applies to learning new interdisciplinary knowledge. Once you have gained knowledge in one area, you should move on to another area as quickly as possible and connect these different domains, rather than delving deeply into one specific field.

Once the entire system or process is functional, you can then proceed to optimize specific parts step by step.

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Danny Guo 分析了软件开发和学习新知识的共通之处 -- 建立最小可行系统:

  1. 开发新的软件系统时,应该先打通整个流程,而不是着眼于完善某一个环节;
  2. 学习跨领域的新知识也是一样,当你了解了某一领域的知识之后,应该转向另一领域,尽快把这些领域连结起来,而不是一味地深入某一特定领域;
  3. 当我们打通了整个流程之后,我们可以再逐步优化具体的某一环节。

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