Daily Productive Sharing 822 - Luck Isn’t Real

Daily Productive Sharing 822 - Luck Isn’t Real
Photo by Ilia Bronskiy / Unsplash

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Nick Maggiulli argues that the concept of luck isn't real and can be disempowering:

  1. Some objectively false beliefs can be useful, like how Michael Jordan used made-up comments from other players to motivate himself.
  2. Believing in luck does little to help us take control of situations.
  3. While luck does exist and can impact our lives, believing in it can strip us of our agency and power.
  4. Some people are dealt a bad hand in life but refuse to accept it, thereby inspiring future generations.

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Nick Maggiulli 认为“运气”这个概念并不真实,并且可能削弱我们的能力:

  1. 一些客观上错误的信念可能是有用的,就像迈克尔·乔丹编造其他球员对自己的评论来激励自己。
  2. 相信运气对我们掌控自己的命运帮助甚微。
  3. 尽管运气确实存在并且能影响我们的生活,但是相信它会剥夺我们的主动性。
  4. 有些人在生活中抽到了很糟糕的牌,但是拒绝接受,奋发改变自己的命运。

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