Daily Productive Sharing 824 - Life’s Work

Daily Productive Sharing 824 - Life’s Work
Photo by Spenser Sembrat / Unsplash

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Patrick O'Shaughnessy introduced the concept of a "Life's Work":

  1. A Life's Work is a pursuit that you will engage in throughout your life. This pursuit serves not only others but also lets people know who you are.
  2. A Life's Work means that you will continue to strive for it, not just achieve a few goals.
  3. Serving others implies that this pursuit will bring value to others, solving their problems.

Our commitment to publishing DPS and creating AwesomeVisa is also based on this idea, serving not only to help everyone but also as my personal lifelong pursuit that I will continue to stick with.

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Patrick OShaughnessy 介绍了什么是终身项目:

  1. 终身项目是你一生的追求,这一追求不仅服务于他人,而且可以让他人知道你是谁;
  2. 一生的追求是指你会一直为之努力,而不仅仅达成几个目标;
  3. 服务于他人是指这一追求会给他人带去价值,解决他们的问题。

我们坚持发布 DPS 和创建 AwesomeVisa 也是基于这一设想,不仅可以帮助大家,也可以作为我个人一生的追求,一直坚持做下去。

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