Daily Productive Sharing 825 - 0 to $45K/mo in 2 Years

Daily Productive Sharing 825 - 0 to $45K/mo in 2 Years
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Two years ago, Tony Dinh quit his full-time job to become a solo entrepreneur. Today, he has four successful products and earns $45,000 per month, far exceeding his previous income. He shared his experience:

  1. Start with a small feature, iterate quickly, and gradually add new features.
  2. Continuously build your own community to attract more people to become paying customers.
  3. Having two years' worth of bank savings and no family burdens allows him to take risks more freely.
  4. He has full-stack experience, and his marketing skills are learned on the job.
  5. Set small goals, like earning a thousand dollars a month, but the actual results far exceeded expectations.
  6. Having multiple products is like putting eggs in different baskets. This not only reduces overall risk but also allows him to switch between different product developments to avoid getting bored.

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Tony Dinh 两年前放弃全职工作,开始独立创业。两年后的今天,他拥有四个成功的产品,月入45000美金,远超当时的收入。他分享了自己的经验:

  1. 从一个小功能开始,快速迭代,慢慢增加新功能;
  2. 持续不断地构建自己的社区,吸引更多的人变成付费用户;
  3. 有两年的银行存款,没有家庭负担,可以放手一搏;
  4. 有全栈经验,营销技能是边学边实践的;
  5. 设定很小的目标,每个月一千美金,实际远远超出预期;
  6. 做多个产品就像把鸡蛋放在多个篮子里一样,既降低了总体风险,也可以让他在不同的产品开发中切换,不至于太无聊。

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