Daily Productive Sharing 828 - Transform Myself into a Global Nomad?

Daily Productive Sharing 828 - Transform Myself into a Global Nomad?
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Shijing Yao is an outstanding software engineer. Originally, he led a very Silicon Valley-centric life — working for several reputable tech giants and living a life shuttling daily between home and work. However, after the onset of Covid, he moved to Miami to try remote work, and things changed dramatically:

  1. He had more time to listen to audiobooks, including topics on psychology, philosophy, and impressionism.
  2. He spent more time connecting with nature, such as purchasing the "America the Beautiful Pass", a pass for U.S. national parks.
  3. Traveling alone, he never felt lonely.

He then had an epiphany: the way he used to live was just one of the countless ways to live, and one doesn't have to stay in one place all the time.

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Shijing Yao 是一位出色的软件工程师,原本他的生活是非常的硅谷生活 -- 在几家不错的科技巨头工作过,每天就在公司和家之间两点一线。直到 Covid 来袭之后,他搬去迈阿密尝试了远程工作,自此一发不可收拾:

  1. 他有更多的时间听取电子书,包括心理学,哲学和印象主义等主题;
  2. 他有更多时间接触大自然,比如购买了 America the Beautiful Pass 这张美国国家公园的通票;
  3. 就这样一个人在路上,他并不觉得孤单。


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