Daily Productive Sharing 829 - Show Your Value

Daily Productive Sharing 829 - Show Your Value
Photo by Joshua Sukoff / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Wes Kao shares how to make your marketing instantly better:

  1. Utilize "Before-and-afters" to effectively demonstrate your contributions to a project;
  2. Highlight the significance of the problem you solved in monetary terms and its impact on the brand before discussing your solution.
  3. Learning what works in changing people's minds is valuable.
  4. Building trust and spurring customer action are the ultimate goals.
  5. There's less of a formula for increasing desire, making it a rewarding area to focus on )for upside potential.
  6. Identify the features, benefits, and values that would make your offering irresistible to prospective customers.
  7. Pay attention to "ELU" (Evidence of Life Unleashed) moments when people show heightened interest.
  8. Focus on the most relevant 10% of the information, discarding the moderately relevant 90%.
  9. Effective messaging can't save a fundamentally flawed idea.
  10. Speak to what the customer wants to hear, rather than what you want to convey.

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Wes Kao 分享了一些能够立马提升营销效果的建议:

  1. 使用“前后对比”来有效地展示你对一个项目的贡献。
  2. 在讨论你的解决方案之前,强调你所解决问题的重要性,包括它对公司造成的经济损失和品牌影响。
  3. 成功地改变人们的观点是有价值的,尝试学习有效的方法。
  4. 建立信任和促使客户采取行动是最终目标。
  5. 增加需求方面没有固定的公式,这使得这一区域具有探索的价值和潜在回报。
  6. 确定哪些特点、优点和价值会让你的潜在客户立即说“是”。
  7. 注意人们表现出高度兴趣的时刻。
  8. 专注于与你的受众最相关的10%的信息,抛弃剩余的 90%。
  9. 如果你的核心概念不好,再好的信息传递也无济于事。
  10. 聚焦于客户想要了解的内容,而非你想要传递的内容。

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