Daily Productive Sharing 830 - Superlinear

Daily Productive Sharing 830 - Superlinear
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Paul Graham has delved deeply into the concept of superlinear growth:

  1. Superlinear growth is ubiquitous in life, such as in learning: initially, the pace of learning is slow, but once you reach a certain level, you'll find that it becomes easier and easier;
  2. If you don't learn, you probably will never experience the knowledge associated with superlinear growth;
  3. Also, don't limit what you learn, because you never know which piece of knowledge will lead to superlinear growth for you;
  4. The earlier you start, the more opportunities you have to make mistakes and learn from them, and the more likely you are to achieve superlinear growth;
  5. In areas where superlinear growth typically occurs, an important principle is to stick to your unique insights. Once such insights are recognized by others, the superlinear growth might vanish;
  6. What guides you to discover superlinear growth is either curiosity or ambition. The former is more likely.

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Paul Graham 认真探讨了超线性增长:

  1. 超线性增长在生活中比比皆是,比如学习:一开始学得很慢,但等你学到一定程度时,你会发现越学越简单;
  2. 如果你不学习的话,恐怕你永远都不会得到超线性增长的知识;
  3. 也不要限制自己学习什么,因为你不知道什么知识会带给你超线性增长;
  4. 起步得越早,就有越多的试错机会,也就越有可能获得超线性增长;
  5. 在通常发生超线性增长的领域,一个重要的规律就是需要坚持自己的独特见解。一旦这种见解被其他人所认识,那么超线性增长也就会消失;
  6. 引导你找到超线性增长的,要么是好奇心,要么是野心。前者有更大的可能性。

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