Daily Productive Sharing 831 - 12 Lessons From Being Stoic

Daily Productive Sharing 831 - 12 Lessons From Being Stoic
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

  1. Take the assignment.
  2. There is something powerful about the “daily read” format.
  3. The work never stops.
  4. Platforms are the priority.
  5. Give a lot of value away and capture a small percentage.
  6. Use your success well.
  7. Commitments/deadlines make you better
  8. Meet people where they are.
  9. Think about how they’re interacting with what you do.
  10. To everyone who hasn’t heard about you, you’re new.
  11. It takes time.
  12. Little things add up.

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Ryan Holiday 花费了七年时间在 Daily Stotic 这个项目上,他总结了自己学到的十二条经验:

  1. 接受一个挑战,并持续不断地为之努力;
  2. “每日阅读”具有某种强大的力量;
  3. 工作永不停歇;
  4. 平台非常重要;
  5. 提供大量的价值,从而从其中获得一小部分收益;
  6. 善用你的成功;
  7. 承诺/截止日期使你变得更好;
  8. 多与人们接触;
  9. 思考他们如何与你所做的互动;
  10. 对于那些没听说过你的人,你都是新的;
  11. 成功需要时间;
  12. 一切都从小事积累起来。

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