Daily Productive Sharing 834 - Laws of Getting Rich

Daily Productive Sharing 834 - Laws of Getting Rich
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One helpful tip per day:)

Morgan Housel shared his insights about wealth:

  1. Most of what makes you happy in life has nothing to do with money, and realizing that once you have money can be a painful admission.
  2. What you think is admiration of your success may actually be envy.
  3. The richer you become, the less likely people around you are to tell you when you’re wrong, crazy, mean, or oblivious.
  4. Sometimes what made you successful was worry and anxiety, and you can’t let go of that when you’re rich.
  5. There is no easy way to manage wealth and kids.
  6. Quick wealth is fragile wealth.
  7. Reputations have momentum in both directions because people want to associate with winners and avoid losers.
  8. Expectations can rise faster than income, so a higher income sends expectations spiraling out of control.
  9. No one is going to remember you in 100 years.

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Morgan Housel 分享了一些关于财富的独到见解:

  1. 当你获得一定财富的时候,可能突然就觉得希望不再;
  2. 很多富人并不被人所喜欢,而是被嫉妒;
  3. 当你变得富有时,人民对待你的方式也会发生变化,最危险的是,你还不清楚这种变化;
  4. 来得快的财富,消失得也快;另外,这种财富的积累和可能源自运气;
  5. 生活中很多的美好源自期待与现实之间的差异。

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