Daily Productive Sharing 835 - Artificial General Intelligence Is Here

Daily Productive Sharing 835 - Artificial General Intelligence Is Here
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Blaise Agüera y Arcas and Peter Norvig co-wrote an article suggesting that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has already arrived:

  1. Today's advanced large models are like the ENIAC computer released in 1945. They may seem rudimentary now, but decades later, we'll realize that they marked the beginning of a new era.
  2. Assessing the performance of AGI should be multi-faceted, not a simple yes/no evaluation.
  3. Normative criticism not only requires AGI to pass predefined tests but also dictates how they should be created. Such criticism is not conducive to AGI's development and should be discarded.
  4. Pragmatic criticism is different. While critics may disagree with the current ways AGI is created and suggest alternatives, the creation method is irrelevant if the AGI can pass a given test.

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Blaise Agüera y Arcas 和 Peter Norvig 联合撰文表示,通用人工智能 (AGI) 已经到来:

  1. 今天这些最先进的这些大模型就像 1945 年发布的 ENIAC 计算机一样,当时看起来很简陋,但是几十年之后再回看,我们会发现它们是一个新时代的起点;
  2. 考察 AGI 的表现应该从多方面来考虑,而不是一个简简单单的 yes / no。
  3. 规范性的批判不仅要求 AGI 通过预设的测试,还会限定他们的创建方式。这类批判无益于 AGI 的发展,我们需要摒弃;
  4. 实践主义的批判则不同,他们可能不同意当前 AGI 的创建方式,而会建议不同的方式。尽管这种批判可能会推进 AGI 的发展,但是如果 AGI 可以通过一个测试,那么它是如何创建的并不重要。

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