Daily Productive Sharing 841 - Three Dimensions of Developer Efficiency

Daily Productive Sharing 841 - Three Dimensions of Developer Efficiency
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In the paper "A Software Development Productivity Framework," Caitlin Sadowski, Margaret-Anne Storey, and Robert Feldt provide a comprehensive overview of how to assess the efficiency of programmers:

  1. They evaluate efficiency based on three dimensions: Velocity - the amount of time taken, Quality - the caliber of the output, and Satisfaction - the level of contentment.
  2. To gauge these three dimensions, they utilize the Goals, Signals, and Metrics methodology: They first delineate what the objectives are, then pinpoint the signs that indicate the accomplishment of those objectives, and ultimately design specific metrics to evaluate them.
  3. In a similar vein, Gergely Orosz and Kent Beck argue that efficiency should be assessed based on outcomes and impact rather than the amount of effort expended.

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Caitlin Sadowski,Margaret-Anne Storey 和 Robert Feldt 在 A Software Development Productivity Framework 这篇论文中,总结了如何评估程序员的效率:

  1. 他们从三个维度来评估效率:Velocity -- 花费的时间,Quality -- 产出质量,Satisfaction -- 满意度;
  2. 至于如何衡量这三个维度,他们使用了 Goals,Signals 和 Metrics 的方法:即他们先定义目标是什么,然后找出达成目标的标志是什么,最后再设计具体的指标来评估;
  3. 相似的,Gergely Orosz 和 Kent Beck 认为要从结果和影响来评估效率,而不是用付出付出多少来评估。

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