Daily Productive Sharing 843 - Dilemma of Decisions

Daily Productive Sharing 843 - Dilemma of Decisions
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David Smith, drawing from his own development experience, analyzed how earlier decisions have a greater impact in the later stages:

  1. Decisions made at the onset of a project influence subsequent decisions. Therefore, the earlier a decision is made, the more significant its impact on the final outcome.
  2. However, in the initial stages of a project, we have limited information. This means that decisions made at this point inherently carry higher risks.
  3. This asymmetry suggests that we need to be especially cautious when making decisions early on in a project.
  4. A helpful approach during early decision-making might be to ask ourselves: Will this decision make the journey ahead easier?

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David Smith 结合自己的开发经历,分析了越早的决策对于后期的影响越大:

  1. 在一个项目初期,我们所做出的决策,会影响到后面的决策,所以越早期做的决策,对于最终的结果影响越大;
  2. 但是在项目初期,我们掌握的信息很有限,所以在这个阶段做出的决策必然有很大的风险;
  3. 以上的不对称性意味着,我们在越是早期做决策,越是要谨慎;
  4. 我们不妨在项目早期做决策时,问自己一个问题:做出这个决策是否会让未来的历程容易一些?

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