Daily Productive Sharing 846 - Never Gets Easier

Daily Productive Sharing 846 - Never Gets Easier
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Nick Maggiulli reflects that nothing in this world is easy:

  1. Even if you're a top player, switching to a different league might make your performance seem less impressive. It’s not that your skills have diminished, but that the players around you have gotten stronger.
  2. Life might be a constant chase, where unless you become the strongest in your field, you are perpetually catching up.
  3. Besides improving your skills, another possibility is to try switching to a different field, which might seem easier at first.
  4. However, this ease may not last long, as eventually, that field may become difficult too. Perhaps this is just the nature of life.

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Nick Maggiulli 认为这个世界上没有什么事是容易的:

  1. 即使你是顶尖的球员,可能换一个联赛,你的表现就不那么出众。并不是你的球技退步了,而是你身边的球员更强了;
  2. 人生可能就是这样一个一直追赶的游戏,除非你在这一领域内做到最强,否则一直就在追赶;
  3. 除了提高自己的技能之外,还有一种可能性就是换一个领域尝试,也许这样会变得容易一些;
  4. 当然这种容易可能也维持不了多久,不久之后,这样的领域也会变难。也许这就是人生。

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