Daily Productive Sharing 847 - Do Nothing for 24 Hour

Daily Productive Sharing 847 - Do Nothing for 24 Hour
Photo by Robin Canfield / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Matt Lakeman set a 24-hour challenge for himself:

  1. I cannot engage in any stimulating behavior using external mechanisms for 24 hours.
  2. I must remain in my bedroom for the duration of the 24 hours.
  3. I am permitted to have one full 23.7 fluid ounce bottle in my room filled with water.
  4. My phone will be kept in my room face-down. An alarm will be set for 24 hours. I may not interact with the phone in any way.
  5. I am not allowed to know what time it is. I must wait for the alarm to go off.

He succeeded in this challenge, and he found that his thought is clearer than ever.

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Matt Lakeman 给自己设定了一个24小挑战:

  1. 不能接触任何外部刺激机制,比如使用手机,与他人交谈。
  2. 必须在这24小时内待在卧室里。
  3. 房间里允许有一个满的23.7盎司的水瓶。
  4. 手机将面朝下放置。会设置一个24小时的闹钟。不得以任何方式与手机互动。
  5. 不被允许知道现在是什么时间。必须等待闹钟响起。


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