Daily Productive Sharing 848 - Expectations Debt

Daily Productive Sharing 848 - Expectations Debt
Photo by Alice Pasqual / Unsplash

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Morgan Housel introduced a concept called "expectation debt":

  1. Expectation debt refers to a significant gap between our expectations and reality; even if the reality isn’t that bad, the high expectations can still create a feeling of debt.
  2. Expectation debt indeed exists but is hard to quantify. For example, years of high growth due to economic reforms can lead to expectation debt once the growth slows down, even if the GDP is still rising.
  3. These debts are real, so once we recognize their existence, we need to manage our expectations more reasonably.

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Morgan Housel 介绍了一种隐形负债 -- 期待负债:

  1. 期待负债是指我们的预期和现实出现巨大的差异,即使现实并不差,但由于我们的预期过高,依旧会形成期待负债;
  2. 期待负债客观存在,但又很难量化。比如改革开放带来了多年的高增长,一旦这种增长放缓,即使 GDP 仍旧还在增长,大家还是会遇期待负债;
  3. 这些负债真实存在,所以明白他们的存在之后,我们需要更合理地管理自己的预期。

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