Daily Productive Sharing 849 - Create Your Own Career

Daily Productive Sharing 849 - Create Your Own Career
Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

With his own experience, Jack Raines introduced the formula for leveraging the internet works something:

  1. Work on something interesting, and tell the world about it
  2. Keep iterating and improving your “thing” until you are known for it
  3. Attract an audience of other interesting folks building their own “thing”
  4. When you see someone else’s “thing” that might complement your “thing,” shoot them a message and see what they are working on
  5. Profit

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Jack Raines 结合自己的经历介绍道,很多工作是靠自己创造的,而互联网是很好的助推剂:

  1. 努力做某个有趣的项目,并向世界宣传它;
  2. 不断迭代和改进你的“东西”,直到你因它而出名;
  3. 吸引一群同样在打造他们自己“东西”的有趣人士;
  4. 当你看到别人的“东西”可能与你的“东西”互补时,给他们发消息看看他们在做什么;
  5. 获得成功。

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