Daily Productive Sharing 850 - Why We Love Kobe Bryant

Daily Productive Sharing 850 - Why We Love Kobe Bryant
Photo by Mike Von / Unsplash

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's newsletter recently received a nomination for the National Arts & Entertainment Awards. He publicly shared three of his nominated articles, one of which explains why he admires Kobe:

  1. Kobe accumulated a total of 33,643 points in the NBA regular season, slightly less than Abdul-Jabbar's 38,387 points;
  2. At the same time, Kobe also holds the record for the most missed field goals in the NBA, with a career total of 14,481 misses;
  3. Therefore, Abdul-Jabbar says, the most admirable aspect of Kobe is that he continuously rose from failures and fought back time after time.

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“天勾”贾巴尔的电子报最近获得了 National Arts & Entertainment Awards 的提名,于是他公开了三篇被提名的文章,其中一篇介绍他为什么热爱科比:

  1. 科比在 NBA 常规赛中累计获得了 33643 分,略逊于贾巴尔的 38387 分;
  2. 与此同时,科比还保有 NBA 的最多投失次数,职业生涯高达 14481 次;
  3. 所以贾巴尔说,科比最令人敬仰的地方就在于,他不断地从失败中爬起来,一次次重新战斗。
  4. 恐怕他是 NBA 失败次数最多的球员,也是 NBA 中重新爬起来最多的球员。

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