Daily Productive Sharing 853 - Getting lucky

Daily Productive Sharing 853 - Getting lucky
Photo by Norbert Buduczki / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Will Larson has his own insights on luck:

  1. Relying on luck is not sustainable.
  2. It's great when luck is on our side, but we need to have other action plans in place for when it's not.
  3. Having a contingency plan even when luck isn't favorable is better than doing nothing.

For instance, before Digg was acquired, before Yahoo Search was bought out, and before Uber exited the Chinese market, Will's team put in a lot of effort to ensure that the final exit came with a decent compensation.

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Will Larson 对于依赖运气有不同的见解:

  1. 依赖运气不可持续;
  2. 运气光顾当然好,即使没有光顾,我们也需要有其他的应对方案;
  3. 即使在运气不好的时候,有应对方案也好过坐以待毙。

比如 Digg 被收购前,Yahoo 搜索被收购前,Uber 退出中国市场前,Will 所在的团队都做出了很多努力,使得最后的退场都有不错的补偿。

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