Daily Productive Sharing 855 - Abstraction

Daily Productive Sharing 855 - Abstraction
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Paul W. Homer believes that abstraction are among the most important mechanisms in programming:

  1. Abstraction can reduce errors in your code, improve your programming efficiency, and most importantly, lessen your cognitive load.
  2. You can gradually make your code more abstract; it doesn't have to be done in one step. Good code is continuously evolving, and abstraction is one of the hallmarks of evolution.
  3. Code is a reflection of a programmer's cognition, so reading relevant documents and consulting experienced individuals before coding can make your work much more effective.
  4. Coding itself involves numerous trade-offs, and what you need to do is to strike a balance based on the actual situation.

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Paul W. Homer 认为抽象机制是编程中最重要的机制之一:

  1. 抽象机制可以让你的代码减少错误,提高你的编程效率,最重要的是降低你的认知负担;
  2. 你可以让你的代码慢慢变得抽象,并不一定要一步到位,但好的代码是在不断进化的,而抽象恰好是进化的标志之一;
  3. 代码是一个程序员的认知体现,所以写代码之前读一些相关的文档,请教一些有经验的人,会让你事半功倍;
  4. 写代码本身也会面临不少取舍,而你要做的就是根据实际情况,做出平衡。

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