Daily Productive Sharing 861 - Your Best Thoughts

Daily Productive Sharing 861 - Your Best Thoughts
Photo by Leo / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Vanessa Lancaster explained why we often have creative insights while showering or walking:

  1. Our attention is limited, and when we shower or walk, our brains can relax and free up attention for thinking.
  2. Another benefit of showering is the sound of water, which acts like white noise, further facilitating thought.
  3. Showering and walking allow us to disconnect from our external environment, helping us focus on the present and offering new perspectives for contemplation.

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Vanessa Lancaster 解释了为何在洗澡或者走路的时候,我们容易产生灵感:

  1. 我们的注意力其实是有限的,当我们洗澡或者走路时,我们的大脑放空,腾出注意力来思考;
  2. 洗澡的另一个好处是,水流声像白噪音一样,进一步促进我们思考;
  3. 洗澡和走路能让我们与外界环境切割,从而更加专注当下,让我们有新的角度来思考。

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