Daily Productive Sharing 862 - Own It Mentality

Daily Productive Sharing 862 - Own It Mentality
Photo by Devon Wilson / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

David Perell explains the concept of “owning it" mentality:

  1. When we don't know how to say no and agree to something, we often end up spending more mental effort to deal with the ensuing issues.
  2. David's approach is either not to commit or to follow through if he does.
  3. His biggest change has been to respond to messages at set times each day, ensuring no unread messages are left. The advantage of this approach is that the more promptly he replies, the less mental effort is required.
  4. "Mentally owning it" also involves actively addressing contradictions as soon as possible, for the same reasons.
  5. Of course, this doesn't equate to perfectionism.

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David Perell 介绍了什么是 own it 的心态

  1. 当我们不知道如何拒绝别人而说 Yes 后,之后往往会花费更多的心力来面对这些问题;
  2. David 的目标是要么不答应,要么言而必行;
  3. 他最大的改变就是每天定时回消息,保证所有未读清零。这样做的好处是,回复得越及时,耗费的心力久越少;
  4. Own it 还包括主动应对矛盾,越及时越好,道理同上;
  5. 当然这不等于完美主义。

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