Daily Productive Sharing 863 - Working with Problems

Daily Productive Sharing 863 - Working with Problems
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Seth Godin succinctly explains what constitutes a problem:

  1. A problem inevitably comes with a solution.
  2. Has anyone ever proposed other solutions? If not, it may not be a real problem.
  3. If a problem persists for a long time without a solution, it might be because the cost of the solution is too high.
  4. Many problems can potentially be solved simply through more discussion.

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Seth Godin 用极其简练的文字解释了什么是问题:

  1. 问题必然伴随着解决方案;
  2. 是否有人拿出过其他解决方案?如果没有的话,这可能不是一个问题;
  3. 如果一个问题横亘在那很久却没有解决方案,有可能是因为解决方案的成本太高;
  4. 很多问题只要多被讨论就可能找到解法。

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