Daily Productive Sharing 864 - Feedback

Daily Productive Sharing 864 - Feedback
Photo by Jan Kopřiva / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Paul W. Homer analyzed the peculiar attitudes people have towards feedback:

  1. Much of the feedback received is negative, which ironically can be the most valuable. However, people often don't want to hear such feedback.
  2. Negative feedback can be vague; people may complain about what's bad but might not know what would be good.
  3. An issue isn't just simply good or bad; it often improves gradually, similar to a function fitting progressively better.
  4. The key is to collect all feedback, whether positive or negative, and correlate it with the features being developed.

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Paul W. Homer 分析了大家对于反馈的奇怪态度:

  1. 很多反馈都是负面的,恰好这些是最宝贵的反馈,但是人们并不愿意听这样的反馈;
  2. 负面的反馈可能很含糊,或者说人们只会抱怨什么是不好的,但是并不知道什么是好的;
  3. 其实一件事并不只是只有好坏两种对面,其实他们是逐渐变好的,就像一个函数逐渐拟合;
  4. 而你所要做的就是把这些反馈都搜集起来,无论正面还是负面,把它们和你开发的功能关联起来。

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