Daily Productive Sharing 866 - High-leverage activities

Daily Productive Sharing 866 - High-leverage activities
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One helpful tip per day:)

Anne-Laure Le Cunff recommends focusing on high-leverage tasks:

  1. High-leverage tasks are not necessarily hard tasks; instead, they are tasks that yield significant impact with less energy and time.
  2. Focusing this way allows you more time for other important aspects of your life.
  3. The first step to focusing on high-leverage tasks is to track your daily time distribution.
  4. The second step is to concentrate on tasks that only you can do.
  5. Limit your focus to two or three high-leverage tasks each day.
  6. Spend more time on personal growth and activities that generate compound benefits.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff 建议我们专注在高杠杆的任务上:

  1. 高杠杆的任务并不等于辛苦的任务,相反,高杠杆的任务可以利用较少的精力和时间产生很大的影响;
  2. 通过这样的专注,你可以有更多时间来关注生活中其他重要的事物;
  3. 专注高杠杆任务的第一步是统计你每天的时间分布;
  4. 第二步是专注只能你做的事物;
  5. 每天专注的高杠杆事物不要超过两三项;
  6. 多花时间在自己身上,在自己的成长上,在可以产生复利的事物上。

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