Daily Productive Sharing 867 - Copying Ideas?

Daily Productive Sharing 867 - Copying Ideas?
Photo by Hunter Reilly / Unsplash

One helpful tip per day:)

Seth Godin highlights the positive aspect of others having the same idea as you:

  1. It's not always clear if your idea was copied; others might have independently arrived at the same thought.
  2. Others thinking of the same idea validates your concept.
  3. When others express similar ideas, it aids in spreading the concept.
  4. Many people having similar ideas indicates that your idea is on-trend or in demand.

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Seth Godin 指出别人和你有相同的点子其实是件好事:

  1. 你其实无法确认这个点子是从你这抄袭过去的,也许他们也正好下扛到了这一点;
  2. 如果其他人也想到了这一点,正好验证了你的想法;
  3. 而且当它们被其他人发出来,其实有助于这一点子的传播;
  4. 如果有很多人都有相似的想法,正好说明你其实正在风口上。

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