Daily Productive Sharing 868 - Frugal vs. Independent

Daily Productive Sharing 868 - Frugal vs. Independent
Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin / Unsplash

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Morgan Housel analyzes the difference between frugality and independence:

  1. The fundamental difference between the two lies in how wealth is utilized. The former may deprive oneself of happiness for the sake of wealth, while the latter uses wealth to pursue happiness.
  2. Some people are willing to sacrifice happiness for the accumulation of wealth.
  3. Others are willing to sacrifice wealth for the sake of happiness.

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Morgan Housel 分析了节俭和独立的区别:

  1. 两者的根本区别在于如何使用财富。前者可以为了财富而剥夺自己的快乐,而后者可以为了快乐而运用财富;
  2. 有些人为了财富,愿意牺牲快乐;
  3. 有些人为了快乐,愿意牺牲财富。

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