Daily Productive Sharing 869 - How to Became a Machine Learning Practitioner

Daily Productive Sharing 869 - How to Became a Machine Learning Practitioner
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Greg Brockman shared his experience learning machine learning:

  1. As the former CTO of Stripe and one of the founders of OpenAI, his programming skills are unquestionable. However, he had been hesitant to start learning machine learning. He later realized that the main obstacle was his own mindset – acknowledging that he was a beginner.
  2. When he began seriously studying machine learning, he encountered numerous challenges, particularly the difficulty of getting started, which reminded him of his initial experiences in learning programming.
  3. Despite initial lack of confidence, he persisted because he wanted to understand other OpenAI projects.
  4. Fortunately, his partner provided significant support and tolerance for errors.
  5. Another key factor was his approach of contributing improvements to others' projects instead of starting from scratch, which served as a motivation for each small advancement.
  6. It took about six months of continuous learning for him to feel he had grasped some essential aspects of machine learning.
  7. He emphasized that the most crucial aspect is to allow oneself to fail and to learn from these failures, leading to eventual success. This process is often shorter than one might expect.

Abdul-Jabbar admired that despite being the player with the most missed shots in NBA history, Kobe’s scoring was still among the highest. This shows Kobe's resilience in overcoming failures. If both Kobe and Brockman can allow themselves to fail and learn from it, so can we.

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Greg Brockman 分享了他学习机器学习的经历:

  1. 作为 Stripe 的前 CTO,OpenAI 的创始人之一,他的编程能力毋庸置疑,但是他一直没有开始学习机器学习。后来他发现这里面最主要的障碍就是自己的心态 -- 认可自己是一个初学者;
  2. 当他开始认真学习机器学习时,发现有很多阻碍,特别是起步特别费劲,这让他想起自己刚学习编程时的状态;
  3. 即使一开始并不自信,他依旧坚持,因为他想看懂其他 OpenAI 的项目;
  4. 比较幸运的是,他的伴侣给了他很大的容错空间;
  5. 另外一点是,他一直在别人的项目上贡献一些改进,而不是从头开始,这样每一点贡献都是对他的激励;
  6. 这样的学习持续了半年之后,他才感到自己掌握了一些机器学习的要点。
  7. 他说其实最重要的就是,允许自己失败,然后从这些失败中学习,最终才能成功。而这段过程其实比你想象得要短。

其实我们之前分享了天勾贾巴尔对于科比的评价,他最佩服科比的一点就是,科比其实是 NBA 史上失手最多的选手,但他的得分却名列前茅。这说明,科比其实是 NBA 史上从失败中爬起来最多的选手。如果科比和 gdb 都能允许自己失败,都能从失败中爬起,你我为什么不能呢?

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